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Hi there,

It's almost time for G2G9 and we have to sort out the sleeping accommodation. To aid us in this could you please answer the following 3 questions:

1) Quiet or Noisy room?
2) Top or Bottom bunk?
3) Do you want to be in a room with anyone in particular?

Could you please answer just the questions above in this thread and not put any general chitchat so that we can find the answers easily.
To clarify the first question, a quiet room is one where people want to go to bed at a reasonable time and will be furtherest away from the main social area. a noisy room is for those wanting to go to bed later, or in some cases not at all, and will be nearer to the main social area.

Also, if there is anyone who for any particular reason you would prefer not to be in a room with could you please PM me, so that we can take that into account. This would be in the strictest confidence and would only be known to us.

Please could you let us know by the 1st May at the latest.

Cheers :)
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Happy to share with most people - Kathryn/Growly/Elfowl/Jenn etc - cannot remember who else is on the list now!


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With those who don't mind sharing with me :) (And pref no horrendous snorers, I have a tendency to smother them with their own pillow).


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Bottom (or above anyone who doesn't mind a bedmate when the top bunk collapses)
Oh God.... do I have to?!?!

Seriously, though, I think we've discussed our sleeping arrangements :)


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1) Noisy (happy to be in a quiet room if needs be, but I'm usually one of the last to bed!)
2) Bottom
3) Laurad82 and GuidingKB please