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Quiet please
I don't mind having a top bunk if everyone else wants bottom

And I'm really sorry, but I do snore, so perhaps you should have a snorers room and a non snorers room?!


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I can cope with mild snoring, but the really load snoring keeps me awake. It was a nightmare in mexico with 4 load snorers in the dorm and not in sync!
Yeah, that's where I am with it too, a bit of rhythmic snoring is one thing, but I've had a nasty experience with one monumentally awful snorer on a week long camp!

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1) Quiet or Noisy room? Either
2) Top or Bottom bunk? Bottom Please, i have a bad knee and cant handle lader (plus scared of highness make its hard to get down!)
3) Do you want to be in a room with anyone in particular? No Preference!


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Don't mind either way.....but somehow I seem to have gained a bit of a reputation for staying up late at G2G's so maybe a noisy room is best!!
Happy with Top bunk as it seems lots want bottom
Don't mind who i share with - other late nighters might be better, so I don't wake anyone up if I do stay up!


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Would prefer a quieter room but will lodge wherever needed!
Would prefer a top bunk, bottom ones are claustrophobic.
Not too fussed who I share with, there's only a few people going who know me anyway.
Ps. My husband says I snore, my fellow guiders I share tents with at camp say I don't!


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Ooops only just seen this!

I would prefer the bottom bunk but will have a top one if needed to
Noisy ... But not too fussed either way
And not fussed .. Dont think i snore too loudly! :)


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Just a heads up, the rooms are such that if you get a top bunk,you can probably pull the mattresses onto the floor anyway. Given the amount of people who want bottom bunks, we will probably just reserve for those with medical requirements. Depends on when we've done the totals. Due to naughty Brownies in room 19, we have not done as much planning as we hoped this weekend!