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Been asked to help with a unit while at university


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So I got a phone call asking me to help at a local unit while I'm at university. I'm in my 3rd year and haven't really gotten into guiding stuff while at university until now.

I'm actually pretty happy about it more so because I think maybe having something to kick start me at the start of a week might actually keep me motivated for the rest of the week. :)

Plus also it means work can't decide to give me shifts on a monday night now ;)

I have a unit I help with back at home too but obviously I see them during holidays and when I'm back at home.
Actually I think my Gic from that group will probably hear about my new unit from here before she does me since I have no credit to txt her and tell her.

I'm kinda nervous about it because I'm so used to my guide unit I help with back home.

I got told though they have 3 brownie units because they opened one it became too popular so opened a 2nd and that did too so opened a 3rd unit. But only have 2 guide units for them to go up to so they are pretty full, but both guides units are struggling for leaders to keep them open. So at least if I can help out until June they can keep open while they try to find another leader for a more permanent basis.

Just thought I'd share...


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That's great Jen, you're are helping out and also getting new ideas for either your unit at home or the next unit you help at.
Have fun!


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I help with a brwonie unit at uni and another one when i'm back home. I find it's great just to meet mew people and get new ideas/games! Hope you enjoy you're new unit!


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i help with a guide and rainbow unit whilst at uni, and at a guide unit back home. :D

it lets you get an idea of how other units are run, and can give you ideas of things to do with your unit back home, and you can do some activities with your new unit that the unit back home have done. :D


That's great - you are bound to pick up some new ideas from them to take back home - and you could teach them some of the games and activities you know!


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Jen, you told me at our stayawake!! So you don't have to worry about this being the first I heard of it!

On a completely different subject, I've decided not to arrange a holiday to London next year so we'll just concentrate on camps. So if you would like to organise one then please feel free. But don't if you can't fit it around your work.

You decide which licence you want do, whether leader one or SS permit and pick the best date for you. We can then go from there.


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I did similar Jen, it was great helping getting new ideas, passing on my ideas. Now the two Guide units (from home & Uni) are penpals. Now that I am home again (well live near mon parents) my Guide unit from Uni are coming camping with us next year. It's great!


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I didn't tell you exactly at the stayawake...I told you I'd put myself forward too help with any. But I got the call yesterday to say they wanted me at this guide group. I got all eeep at first because it was a scout leader calling me I was like thinking in my head "Please don't tell me you want me to help with a scout group" haha not that I wouldn't try but I've never had to work with scouts before.

Ahhh I sooo wanna organise a camp! I'll get back to ya on all that :D I can't do my leader one until I finally figure out whats going on with my leader stuff haha.


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I carried on with Guides all the way through uni, and am going to Guides now whilst doing my PGCE. I like knowing that I will get at least one evening off uni work a week, and it gives me a place to escape uni work completely.


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im an AG at one brownie unit at home, an AG at another brownie unit at uni, and GiC at a 3rd unit also at uni.
its great coz u get some time off from uni work, which u sometimes 4get u need when u hav a load of coursework! u also get 2 meet people outside uni. u can swap ideas and bring something fresh and new in2 both units u do. its amazing how different things are done in different areas. just think that u might b allowing more girls to be in guiding for the short time before u graduate :) thats fantastic!


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I worked in different units in my first and second years, and will probably end up with a different unit in my final year due to the fact that I have moved all over the city each year! I also liked the change and being able to pinch ideas and share knowledge you already have - in the first year I ended up working with Brownies instead of Guides, which means I now basically understand their new programme (v.useful for when we get new Guides in my home unit, because at least someone knows about the Adventure!) It is always interesting to see how different units have different traditions/ways of forming horsehoe / etc.
Best of luck!


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Jenbug, if you have the time and are prepared to do it thats brilliant. As a District Commissioner my biggest headache are Units on the verge of closure because of lack of Leaders. I've recently got one student from Cardiff Uni to help at a local Brownies and I am so greatful to her. I'm also looking forward to seeing what we can learn from her so I'm sure your help will be appreciated.