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Being Totally Stupid


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Being Totally Stupid another Question 3rd post

But I have a girl joining my brownies tonight. I have her membership number but am unable to find her in the system. Where do I put her number in so I can find her?
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Role management, scroll down to add new roles, click on brownie, then put her number in. If that doesn't work then the number may have been written down wrong. Try her name and dob instead. If that doesn't work, get in touch with your DC or local Go support person.


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Question 2

I have a child on my waiting list who is 10 in September so I have agreed with parents that guides is more suitable. Most of our units have closed for the summer as our children break up this week. I know there is a way I can transfer her from my brownie waiting list to the guide one but have no idea how to do it


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Is she on your Join Us list? If so, click on her name, go to the units tab and then click to refer her to another unit. It will bring up the map for you to choose from, but you will need to change the drop down menu from Brownies to Guides.