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Does anyone have any current knowledge of Berlin and Scouting/Guiding?
We have had a student from Berlin over for the past 3 months helping at our meetings (we are going to miss Dragonfly BIG time when she goes in July, she has been truly amazing) Dragonfly would now like to get involved in Pfadfinders, BGO or even American Girl Scouting.
Does anyone have any current knowledge of the area and what might be available? I know she could try through Go, but Dragonfly really would like to know what the various options are as she is from Germany rather than the UK.


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Thank you will forward that, have found other ones related to different religions but not certain they have them in Berlin


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All the Scout/Guide movements in Germany are co-educational I think. There´s a Catholic movement (Deutsche Pfadfinderschaft Sankt Georg), a Protestant movement (Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder) and one not tied to any religion (Pfadfinden)

The Catholic one is the largest, and the non-religious one the smallest.

This is the regional (Berlin and Brandenburg) website for the non-religious/non-specified religion group: BdP – Landesverband Berlin-Brandenburg – Herzlich Willkommen!
This is the regional website for the Protestant group: Verband Christlicher Pfadfinder Berlin-Brandenburg

I couldn´t find regional websites (for any region) for the Catholic group, although typically the Catholic länder/regions tend to be in the South so I would expect the clusters of the group to be in Bavaria and Baden-Wurtemburg.