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Big Gig 2014


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YEs definately the 31st May in Liverpool - Echo Arena? It was announced at the October Big Gig at Wembley!
We are hanging our hopes on the October one 2014 being not in London as London costs us so so much!!


There was a small article - not sure where I found it - perhaps on the Girlguding news that October Big Gig is in London again - that's gonna cost us more money again................ what's happened to the rotation of Big Gig? We're turning the Liverpool down as it's clashed with our camp!


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Has anyone heard about Liverpool tickets yet? (I know they said it wouldn't be right away). I have a feeling this one will be oversubscribed :(


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How many did you want? And I wouldnt worry yet! Our neighbouring Division applied for 100 as they didnt ask who wanted to go and now only need 29!
We only wanted 20. Not going to bother messing around looking for tickets - just writing refund cheques now as had got payment in advance in case we were lucky


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louise, my friend applied for 20 and didn't get them - it's a local unit to Liverpool too. If there are 20 going spare please let me know so we can put people in touch.