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Bobbin lace


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OK I know I am extremely off topic but is there anyone out there who does bobbin lace?
I am coming to the end of a piece and have heard lace is hand sewn onto material with a "special stitch" I have tried googling but it keeps coming up with the usual cloth stitch, half stitch etc. What ever is this elusive stitch?! I need to know so I can put my piece on to the edge of a scarf


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Hi Foxi,
I know this is an old thread, (hahahhaa) but thought you might still be after advice. I work in museums and specialise in dress and textiles. Most old lace is 'whipped' onto the edge of garments and linens. It's a sort of slanting over-sewn edge, which rolls a narrow hem and attaches the lace at the same time.

I have had a length of Spanish fan on my pillow for about 2 years now.....it's about 4m long. I am useless and lazy, and do about an inch a week.


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Another Bobbin Lacemaker here, not touched my pillow since May (When our group was last on) and will be coming out again next week when we start again