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Official Info: Booking and Payment Details


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Have just paid the remainder of my balance -apologies for it being late (was on holiday most of last week and totally forget the deadline was the same week!).


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Can I please check that my balance money arrived safely as I am shown only as deposit paid and the list has recently been updated with those that have paid the balance since I paid mine? If the money has not arrived, then I need to chase it up with the bank asap. Thanks.


General Dogsbody
Hi all
Can I gent ask if people can sort balance payment as soon as possible
We understand life gets heroic and if there's a problem just pm one of us


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Paid up now, sorry for the delay! Special here tried to pay before but the forum was down and couldn't get the details, and then forgot to do it when the forum was back online again *looks suitably guilty and sheepish*