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Information: Booking and Payment Details


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As stated, G2G10 will take place at PACCAR Chalfont Heights Scout Campsite from 2nd-4th November. :)

To secure a place at the event, we will require an email and a £10 deposit. Your place will not be guaranteed until both these requirements have been met.

If you wish, you may pay the entire cost (£40) now, if not, then the balance is payable by 1st October 2012.

In the unlikely event that we are oversubscribed, we will create a waiting list.

The application process is as follows:

1. Send an email to G2G10London@gmail.com saying you would like to come. Please include your forum name in this!

2. Pay your £10 deposit. This can be done via paypal as a personal payment to G2G10London@gmail.com (our preferred method and, again, include your forum name, please!) but we can accept cheque or bank transfer (please tell us in your email).

If you have reserved a place and agreed with the team to pay by cheque or bank transfer, you will have 7 days to do so before your place is offered to someone else. Receipt of your email, as well as receipt of your payment will be confirmed by a member of the organising team


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Hurrah, have been watching for this at work every hour or so just in case! Have now emailed and Paypaled.
Thanks Ladies


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me too, emailed and deposit sent (I hope!!) if I've got it wrong I'm going to be sooo cross!!
Thanks for organising this, ladies it's very good of you


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Done! Finally I get my act together and sort out coming :)

Helps that there aren't any brownie plans made for after the summer yet!