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Bring a friend night

brownie mum

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I have adapted the Brownie "You are invited" invitation from the catalogue and used it as an invitation for a Bring a Friend night. I have also written a little letter to give out to the friends who attend that week. Ours is for the week after half term, fingers crossed we will get some interest. If any of you would like to see it just let me have your e-mail address and I can send it to you.


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I'd never held a Bring a friend night with my Guides unit before, but one of the groups had been working on a Jubilee themed badge this term, and planned their party for the last week of term.
They made invitations, and I wrote a letter with a mini emergency contact / permission form, and we had 9 girls turn up as guests.
We aren't particularly low on numbers, have always been a steady 18ish, but DC has been making comments baout the fact that one girl left last term, so I thought we may as well open it up.
I don't live int he area, so don't manage to get to know anyone who isn't a parent already.
All the girls who visited seemed to have a good time, we had party food and games which the girls had organised, and sang taps at the end. I said that we have space if any of them wanted to join, but I guess we will see after half term whether any of them do.
It was a nice idea anyway, and soemthing we will probably do again with events in the future.


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I'd just like to report on the aftermath of our Bring a Friend party, which has been unexpectedly good!

We only had 7 Brownies and we asked all the girls to invite a friend and I did something I said I'd never do, no point, why bother, which was drop leaflets in the two streets nearest the local primary school (it's very popular, so lots of families live there, and it's also the area most of the local Muslim community live in).

Only two guests of Brownies turned up but two who'd had leaflets through the door came. And this week one of them came back and so did a friend who was invited to the party but didn't make it. The one who came to the party said "I forgot to bring Z" who is I think her cousin, so we may have one more.

Only thing is the girl who lives next to the school is a bit confused now about whether she's a Brownie or a Rainbow (we are a joint unit)! She is 6 and we opened the party to 6-9s, so she thinks she's a Brownie, but she is in fact a Rainbow (till Jan when she turns 7).