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Question? Brownie Badge Book


I was thinking making a A5/A4 brownie badge book for my Brownie unit I currently volunteer at and I didn't know making A5/A4 badge book is a good idea because my idea is to make it so if they want to do a badge in their own time it be like take that sheet away with them or am I cheaper buying a brownie badge book for each brownie since I'll be photocopying and probably paying to make the sheets and handing them out?


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I don't understand why you want to produce something that's already there? Either buy a copy per Brownie if funds can stretch that far, or have a copy per Six. Or just print out syllabi for badges as the Brownies want them, or photocopy them.


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Think by the time you photocopy whole book it will be more than the list price plus you run into copyright law.


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I have badge books in the unit, but also make parents and carers aware that they can buy a copy themselves. About half own their own copy. I often suggest that it would make a great gift when relatives are asking what to buy little Flossie for Christmas/birthday/Easter. I also tell parents that they can print badge clauses from the Brownie website, and that if they don't have a printer, I can print a copy for the following week. It doesn't work out too expensive this way, and I find that those who have their own badge books are more likely to get them signed for swimming, or work on a badge at home.


It would be illegal to print out/photocopy the badge syllabuses into a book, due to copyright law. Every girl in the unit should have access to printed copies (whether that's individual copies, or one per Six, or a stock of unit copies available to borrow) - and the details for individual badges can be printed from the website when required.

If you are buying books, that should be paid for by the unit, so you would want to discuss and agree with the unit team before investing.