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Brownie guider needed


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Desperately looking for a warranted guider to help out with a brownie unit on a Thursday night in Edinburgh as GIC wants to leave Unit may close.
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Do any of the Edinburgh universities have a SSAGO now? We've waved a number of warranted students off to university where they've both run and helped to run units, you may find help in the new wave of students.


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What have you already done in the local area to try raise awareness/to find someone? If we know what you've done, we might be able to help more!


I'm already heavily committed, but I'd make some suggestions . . .

So this opportunity - what are the positives? What you are after is someone who wants to apply for the job, so you need to be clear on why anyone would want the job. So - what's great about being a Leader in the unit? Do you have good facilities, what about training and support, is there a supportive team, what about the District?

What would be your ideal, and what would do? Sure, everyone wants to recruit Assistant Leaders who can attend every week, help with the admin, and also help with outings and residentials. But someone who is able to offer a few hours' admin a month could be a great help to the existing team. A student who could be around during term time. Someone who works shifts but can do 2 weeks out of 3. A Young Leader or DofE candidate who isn't an adult Leader at the moment, but could grow into one . . .

What are the obvious options in your area - is there a Senior Section unit or are there some older Guides who could be interested in becoming Young Leaders - one of the best ways to get staff is 'grow your own' - are there any universities or FE colleges in your area, students can often offer help during their term time and are glad of the chance to meet some of the community outwith the campus.

Once you've planned your positive advert, where are you advertising? Are you listed on websites like gumtree and clubbz, and on the unit website? What about local newspapers, community notice boards, church magazines, supermarket notice boards, the local pub or sports centre, and anywhere else where adults (of all ages) might see it? Are there any events coming up that you could take a stall at, either as a unit, or better still, as a District - they're your ideal chance to market the modern exciting programmes you have, and chat to adults who might be interested.


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Thank you all for your help so far. I have a very supportive DC who is trying her best to find us another leader using a
Lot of what what others have said above.