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Urgent! Brownie pockets/pouches


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I've loaned my adventure file with the info about Brownie Traditions badge. I've searched on here but can't find anything about what used to go into a Brownie Pocket. I know it varied from unit to unit but need items please as our girls are discussing it and doing an activity based on it tonight.

We are giving the girls pictures of the original items and putting in ones which wern't part of it but could be useful so they have to think about it and pick which ones they think did go in it or should. Any suggestions of the things you used have would help a lot!

So far I have

Notepad and pen
Saftey Pin
10/20p Coin
Triangular bandage

Thank you in advance!


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we had pencil, little note book, hankie, 10p, safety pin, hair bobble, the smaller items were in a coin bag so they didnt get lost


Have some details on my history website, and the list varied from unit to unit, but from top of head we had:
Coin for the phone (whatever was current rate for a local call at the time)
Safety Pin
Length of string
plastic bag
Fabric hanky in sealed envelope
Elastoplast (or in my case, small roll of micropore!)
Current Record Card/Pocket Book (a card or booklet with the challenges you were working on)