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Brownie promise badge query


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Our Guides were talking about traditions and I said I remember being the first brownie in our pack to receive the yellow enamel promise badge, everyone else had the bronze pin.

They then asked me what year I joined brownies and I'm stumped. I know I was older than usual as I waited and waited on a long waiting list. I did complete footpath, Road and highway badges before I got to Guides but again, I stayed in brownies for a bit longer waiting for a place at Guides.

Does anyone know what year the brownie promise badge changed to enamel?


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Until someone more educated in the subject can correct me, I think it was 1994 the enamel badges were introduced. Some units might have used up existing stock for a while though.


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By bronze pin...do you mean the silver trefoil ? Sounds like a Fenris query but didn't they change when the JB uniform came in about '88 ?


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It was the silver trefoil with the brownie in the middle. I had a JB uniform but my sash pin didn't have the dangly silver chain, mine was just a solid bar. The older brownies had chains or holes where the chain had been removed because it was broken.