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Brownie Six Emblems


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I was told if I could learn to pronounce it I could be the sixer :D

I took that challenge (And knew a Welsh lady!)
That does tend to help! lol! Clearly units that did use it knew how to say it........
those who didn't know - went for a different names! safest option clearly. :p

I was once told it was pronounced Barb-ba-cod but I have no idea if that was right.


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I was always taught it as Bu-ba-Cod Dunno if it was right or not though. We only had four sixes and Bwabachod was one of them other 3 were Knomes, Kelpies and Ghili Dhu I think....
Someone was asking about Brownie Six emblems.

This isn't from CHQ, but as there were only 12 emblems it's a much easier list to compile!
I can't answer for those during the Rosebud era though.

Originally Brownies could only use certain emblems depending on which region of the UK they were in.


Ghillie Dhu

Tylwyth Teg

Little People

Fairy, Little People & Tylwyth Teg disappeared during the 1960's, most likely during the time period the Guide Patrol Emblem selection was cut down (roughly 1966).

It's likely that the regional usage was abandoned at the same time so all units had a choice of the 9 remaining emblems.

Of course blanks were available for units to make their own.

I was in the "fairies"
There was a fairy badge on ebay last year and it went for more than £50 from memory. .


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Hmm, this definitely isn't what we sang, but I can't remember now what we did sing instead...
What I forgot to mention when I posted the rhymes that they were from a 1950/60's handbook so there is every possibility the rhymes were updated/changed through the years and replaced with something more up to date.


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I had that there were regional differences from the Consolidated List book. Though I know it does contain errors.

That to me was backed up by the fact that the Republic of Ireland only uses Elf, Fairy, Gnome, Imp, Leprechaun, Little People, Pixie & Sprite.
While I can understand that emblems like Tywyth Teg wouldn't be used by the Irish anyway, ones like Kelpie probably would (its even used in Canada!). Ireland had it's own independent Association set up in the 1930's.

I think another email to CHQ is in order to clear up the issue! :D

little people and fairy's ( the two most rare badges) are my favvvvveeee:chef:


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Does anyone know what the new Six songs are:

Hedgehog, Rabbit, Badger and Foxes??

I got our girls to make them up, but somehow my hedgehogs are now not shirkers - I'm sure there's got to be something better!!!


I doubt they exist, so you'll have to make up your own! The six rhymes were dropped in 1968 when the programme changed, but many (perhaps most) continued their traditional opening ceremonies long after - some still do.


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
iv jus decided 2have leprachauns as my new six....worried now that im not allowed to cus we r in the middle of england lol!!


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iv jus decided 2have leprachauns as my new six....worried now that im not allowed to cus we r in the middle of england lol!!
don't worry they scrapped any such rules decades ago.

I lived in Kent, about as far away as we could be from Ireland I suppose, and my best friend was a leprechaun in her pack and the pack I was a PL/YL/Guider with also had Leprechauns!
Which I was deeply jealous of at the time (my dad's irish so I would have loved to have been a leprechaun) but in hindsight Kelpies are so much cooler!