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Question? Brownie Trip Ideas

Hi everyone,
My Brownie unit is celebrating it's 50th Birthday in September and we're having trouble coming up with good trip ideas that won't break the bank.
We've asked the girls what they'd like to do but they've suggested redoing things that we've already done with them - we'd much rather do something new and exciting, but the girls haven't come up with much.
I'm hoping to get ideas from here and give the girls the list to choose from.
We're based in South Liverpool and anything nearby would be great.
Thanks :)


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Sorry, I don't know the area so don't have any practical suggestions.

In the meantime, consider your own practicalities - which may rule out (or in) some areas / activities. E.g. how will you get there - will transport rule out somewhere as "too far" or "not on a bus route". If you are prepared to hire a bus, or get parents to drive, then you maybe don't have those restrictions.
Cost - would you fundraise for the right activity?
Type of activity - sporty / arty / cultural? Any restrictions / disabilities you'd want to consider.


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I thought that I had already suggested somewhere to the OP, but my post isn't here. In Widnes there is the Catalyst Museum. It's a great, interactive science museum with a play area (sectioned off into different age groups) outside. It isn't expensive, but it's great fun. We've had two sleepovers there, where supper and breakfast, workshops, and exclusive use of the museum are included in the cost.


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It would help if you gave us an idea of where you had already visited, so that we don't simply suggest places you have been to.

Rail travel can be reasonable if you buy group tickets, and travelling together on a train is often and adventure, and might mean you can go further afield.
Coaches are hideously expensive these days, but buses can also be an option to get to places.