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Question? Budget sheet/accounts for an event for the non-tech savvy?


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Hey all, I'm mentoring a L-I-T through her qualification pack and she's only really needing to complete her "keeping accounts" clause so she's going to be doing the accounts for our multi-unit Thinking Day celebration.

My question is this: is there an accounts package for a single event out there? The annual accounts package is a little too involved and since we have three separate units contributing to the day it's not the most appropriate. If there isn't one, I can cobble together a spreadsheet for her, but I'm on a last minute supply run today so if there's already one out there that would be fantastic!

Thanks all!
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Thanks browniebeth!

So it turns out the rest-of-the-UK accounts pack has an events tab... (The package for Scotland which we use, 'cos we're in Ayrshire) doesn't have that! I've grabbed the UK one and will use that.