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Question? Cambridgeshire West Badge


Recently moved to the area and need to get a new metal county badge for my badge tab. I just moved into cambridgeshire west which seems to be a diamond type shape in a greeny colour.

I tried looking for this at girlguiding anglia and on the cambridgeshire west items for sale but they only seem to sell the county standard badges. (Which i accidently ordered thinking it was the right thing...ooops). Does anyone know where i can get this badge from?



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County badges are normally sold by the county badge secretary. Have you asked local Leaders?


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They are sold by the County badge secretary, I am not sure what her name is. If you look on this link http://www.girlguidingcambswest.org.uk/info I realise it just tells you how to buy things you aren't looking for... but I think they also sell the badge so I would contact them as instructed. Or use the contact form on the website to ask for the badge secretary's details.


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Have you checked with the unit if they intent on issuing you with one? I wouldn't expect leaders to have to buy there own county badge.
Thanks for replies. i didn't spot the comment about getting in contact for badges and other bits, just read the bits for sale!

When i met with the join us person just after i moved to the area they said that they would provide one (i already had everything else as i was already a guider). However that was in june and as they havent been terribly well organsied with other queries i have since asked about, i thought i would just go ahead and get one myself.