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Question? Camping at Crealy - Devon


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Has anyone camped at Crealy either with Guides/Brownies or with their famly?
It sounds good as they say they offer a dedicated camping area and toilet block but I'd love to hear of any first hand experiences.


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we camped with the guides 3 years ago, we camped in May half term not so busy, the weather wasn't that good but it didn't matter, the toilets and shower were wonderful, under floor heating, pitches are really big and they were very helpful. it was good because the girls could go and do different zones each day and in the evening we went back for a couple of night, one night we stayed on the sight and did campfire singing, everyone committed how nice it was to listen to. we stayed for four nights. we went down with the guides and they could go off in groups, a couple of times I bag sat because I made sure the always had a drink bottle, they went around in groups and one person had a mobile with a leader mobile number, they had to meet with a leader in the park before we all walked back together for meals etc
hope this helps