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Can somebody explain BGIFC to me?


So i have worked out that its the same uniform, programme etc but what I want to know is what backgrounds do the girls have?

Im sorry if this sounds odd!

I have had a request for a transfer from a girl at a brownie unit in dehli and she said it is a GGUK unit... so is this BGIFC???

If so, is she likely to be english native tongue? Were her parents in dehli for work etc?

Can somebody please give me a simple summary?

In no way is this post meant to cause any offence, I just want to know what it is so i dont sound stupid to the mum!


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I am BGIFC in Dubai and I know there is a BGIFC unit in Delhi. We have British girls and girls of other nationalities in our unit. They all speak English though. I would imagine it would be the same in Delhi and she is unlikely to be Indian (unless part Indian) as we are not supposed to take girls from the host nation as they have their own Guiding association. I hope that helps.


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From what I can remember, almost of the girls in my BGIFC unit were British Ex-pats, generally abroad becuase of Dad's job. Most of the mothers didn't work (my mum taught English to Singaporeans)


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Exile and FionainKL are both BGIFC too, Exile certainly has some famlies that are half Italian, and she said they can take a certain proportion of Commonwealth girls (again unless they have their own organisation) and FionainKL has some Malaysian girls because they attend the school at which the units meet (also with Malaysia being Commonwealth I think that makes a difference?).

I am not sure what the units in China do as there is no Chinese Guiding association.

So it is possible they would be Indian girls at an English medium school in Delhi. But they are members of GGUK, just as my Brownie whose parents were born in India is.


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yes my old unit (fionainKL's) was attached to a british international school, most were brits and all spoke englishbut were in malaysia for work committments. hopefully your new brownie will be able to tell her peers a lot about life in india.


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We're BGFIC in Munich - there are 2 Guide/Brownie units attached to 2 different international schools (MIS and BIS).
As well there's a more central Munich group, where I'm with the Brownies - we have about 50% from the European school (mainly British and Irish parents) and the other half go to German schools but usually have at least one parent who is British, American or Australian.

We do have about 3 who are really locals (both parents are German) - these came through to us from Rainbows.

The language is English and we try to emphasise British traditions and holidays, like Guy Fawkes, British Mother's Day (which falls a month earlier than the German one!) etc.


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My ears are burning!

As others have said, we are attached to a British curriculum International school.
All my girls speak English, as we run pretty much as Guides in the UK do. Many of my girls are from families here on a fixed term contract for work, stay for two-three years and then leave, either back to the UK or onto another expat posting. (which reminds me Casoline, I have a Brownie and a Guide - two families -moving to Dubai in Sept, I'll be in touch! One of the mums is a great Brownie UH who I'll be sorry to lose- you should grab her!)
I have 33 Guides this term, 22 British (15 white/european, 7 with one British parent one Malaysian parent), 1 German, 3 Australians, 4 Malaysians, 2 irish, one Korean.
The four Malaysians, all have permission to attend as they are on role at the school, for various reasons.
There is a similar demographic in Brownies and Rainbows.

We all wear British uniform, follow the GGUK programme etc. We have three Brownie packs, two Rainbows, one Guides (soon to be two) and a small SS unit, we run as a district, even have depot for uniforms etc, District team (DC, treasurer etc)

The District in Singapore is slightly larger, but runs similarly.

All my leaders and UHs are ex-pat ladies, and all but two are mums at the school as well.


I'm also an ex-BGIFC and I was in Belgium, all my guides were English at a British International School and their fathers (and some mums) were working in Belgium for British Companies. So it could be a British Guide living in Delhi - why not email gently and find out what school they attend and how long had she been at Guides for and what has she done so far? Just curious by sending a gentle email to greet her and welcome etc.


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i'm a guider sort of at the other end of this. we get a lot of girls who move around cos dad/mum is in army so they can come to us from all over. not necessarily from BGIFC. ours tend to be northern ireland and germany.

they have followed the same programme as us and are quite happy in our unit as their units elsewhere work the same. you may need to help them make friends some of them dont integrate so well as they move round alot so friend are only for a couple of years etc before they move.
i dont mean to sound horribel just something i have noticed with our girls.


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I have one Guide (Y6) who has been in seven different schools since reception, inc Korea, Russia, Middle East, UK and USA! Her mum has some stories I can tell you!


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I'm now BGIFC...well since august! I teach at a uk primary school on a UK army base in northern Germany. I'm a Guide leader here, following the GGUK program and we all wear GGUK uniform. The kids all have a parent in the Army. We also try to make the most of our surroundings, its a great opportunity being in another country for a while!


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Obviously MY ears weren't burning.

sometimes BGIFC in a country is big and has commissioners and the like, other times it's small as the units in Italy are. We had just one unit of Brownies until 2 years ago, now Brownies Rainbows and Guides. This can make being a Guider both liberating (no one watching or noticing) and isolating (no one watching and helping)

Numbers fluctuate a lot... experiences and expectations too.... but we are all in regular uniform received (for the Guides at least) from the awesome Glasgow Guide Shop because Trading doesn't like non UK orders.

Some things are different, eg our Brownies have Camper and some have Camper advanced badges cos we don't have a holiday home set up for a residential... and we tend to have to take fewer waterproofs and more water with us.

Oh and 2 years ago at the centenary camp, Guides from Dubai were in tents in the rain for the first time and got very very wet! No previous experience of the changeable British weather....


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Agreed exile,

Out brownies all have camper badges, and I've never taken them on an indoor residential , as we just don't have the pack holiday places they do in the uk. I look at places like foxlease and waddow and I'm green with envy.

Agree with being out there on you own, in 2008, we had just one brownies and one rainbows, I started guides completely on my own and just had to run with it. We have a DC now we have more units but that's me!

Getting stuff from trading used to be a real headache, as our post isn't even reliable, but as we got bigger, we now have a depot, and one of our parents works for a worldwide courier, and he 'sorts' things for us!