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Cardiff Uni SSAGO


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Just checking that there is a SSAGO at Cardiff Uni? applied there to start in Sept 2014 to study Sociology and Education :) and its going to be my firm choice! Also interested in joining a brownie/guide unit around Cardiff too!


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There definitely used to be! Though last time I was in SSAGO was way back in 2011 so might have changed by now. Have you checked the ssago website?


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There is. The person on here who might be able to tell you more is Panda. She used to deal with the incoming students for the county, don't know if she still does.

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If you are will to travel out of Cardiff a bit. I have a guide unit in need of help. We are right next to a train station with a direct line to cardiff.

If not we usually match students to units during freshers week.

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Hi yes, Cardiff SSAGS is a very active society!

There will definitely be units desperate for your help. The County team organise a night usually early October for new volunteers to go along to to match people up with units. They usually have a stall at one of the Freshers' Fayres that will have info about that meeting. My own District are always represented as we are one of the closest to the student areas and always need new help due to having a big student turnover in our Leadership teams.

I'm not directly involved with the linking up process any more but if you did want to make firmer plans once your place at Cardiff is confirmed, then feel free to get in touch then and I can put you in contact with the right people.

Cardiff is a great city, and Guiding is very active around here which is good, so it's a good place to move!


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Cardiff is a fantastic city with a wonderful Guiding family. I didn't realise how much I adored living in Cardiff until I moved away for a year in September. But wherever you go, your guiding family will welcome you! I know the district commissioner for the Cyncoed area is always looking for help if you're willing to travel 10-15 minutes outside the city centre.