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centenary chalet crew!


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Yup - it's not cheap:-( Unless you fancy camping, the cheapest you're looking at is £40.00 per person per day with meals included (so £280 per week) - and that's dormitory accomodation with no activities included! Kadersteg accomodation is cheaper - you can do it for £10 per night if staying in the old chalet - but fully catered is another £25 per person per day on top of that - so alomost as expensive as the chalet (although the breakfasts and lunches at Kandersteg are much better than at Our Chalet). Programme option at Our chalet is definately better value - works out as £343 per person for 7 days including accomodation, all meals and activities (which includes adventurous activities!) but this year and the last few years and next year (2009) the adult programme week option is only in May half term.

It's because Switzerland is such an expensive country! If you manage to get cheap flights, you can do 2 weeks all inclusive in Mexico for little more than a week all inclusive in Switzerland!

It's £510 pounds for a 10 day programme session at Cabanna! and even cheaper for Sangam! £250 for a 7 day programme! Bed and breakfast is very cheap at both! It's a shame flights bump the costs up!


just looked at prices for our chalet OMG!!!


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think the idea behind startin so soon is so we can afford to go, its over 12months away if we decide on easter which means u have2save/raise £50 a month towards it. which is a lot better when u look at it like that than the total cost.
we can always stay else where an just visit....who knows it might be cheaper to go travel agents n get a package hol n jus pop in for a visit!lol


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Our Chalet is just too expensive to actually stay at imo. Staying elsewhere and visiting is a much better option. Especially as it is an adult trip. That way you can do whatever you like for the rest of the time. Eat when you want, come back when you want, go wherever you want. Adelboden is such a nice place, and there are so many other lovely towns in the area to visit, not to mention gorgeous scenery and walking to be done, that you really want the freedom.

As I said, if you want the details for the accomodation out district nearly always use, let me know!!


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I would love to come - however, like Hanseeingred, I am neither a student or a teacher and so I get only limited annual leave and am planning to divide it between my Guides, Rangers and family. Even if I did have the time off work, then there are so many other things happening in 2010 that I will have to pay for that I am unlikely to be able to afford it, even if I do start saving now. So this time, sorry, I'll have to say no :(


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This does sound fab - although I have no idea what country I'll be in in Feb 2010! so might have to wait and see...


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just to add my thoughts:

I did look at the organised programme but thought it too long - I realistically didn't envisage being there for any longer than a week, probably less (eg 5 days). Like jayjay and Han I have limited leave, which will limit the centenary events I can go to.

As long as we can balance having a long enough time to feel we got enough out of the trip against the cost of going (the tricky bit!).

I can see the plus side of an organised programme, but we can always pick the days we go to fit in with the activities that the Chalet put on (eg camp fire on friday, swiss night on sat etc). Plus we might have a group that aren't big hikers for example, it could work out better to pick and choose our own activities.


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i think a long wkend wud prob b long enuff?? go on a thur n arrive back sum point mon. I know the areas expensive and so might b cheaper to go for littler time and also means not havin2take too much out of annual leave??


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I dont like that equipment list for hiking... some i agree with some I dont!!!

But i wouldn't really go all the way to Switzerland for some of those activities.


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If I went, I'd certainly want to do a couple of the hikes, but then I am a keen walker - the overnight one in particular sounds good!
I agree with you dolly about the equipment list. You're right - some of the activities we can also do in this country.
Have you read the hike protocol section - I can't believe it tells us not to touch the electric fences!