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Centenary Scrapbook

This is most of the pages, will attach the last few in a sec




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That looks wonderful. I'm nearly there with ours - up to Vision. Can't wait to finish (though can't seem to find the time to do anything with it) because I'm fed up looking at the pile of stuff on the floor.


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You certainly had a busy but fun year Compo! Your scrapbook looks great. I like the 'stuff I've bought' page, I might add that to mine - I thought mine was 'finished' and you've given me even more ideas I want to add :)


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umm honestly don't think I'll ever do mine now ... wonders would anyone be up for buying it off me? Got the centenary scrapbook and the Brownie set, think I have used 1 or 2 sticky bits for something else, and unpacked them from their plastic sleeves, but not used any of the main scrapbook pages or anything else. Will go off and check it all out after dinner.


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It's only on talking to Mr Orly about scrapbooks and commemorative stamps, that we realised the Queen's head is facing in the wrong direction.
i had a spare brownie scrap book kit but sold it as i wouldnt use it

unfortunatly i need to make one now and was wondering if any one had one to sell


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I have finished mine!!! Or at least I thought I had, now I want to find a couple of bits from when i was a brownie and also the adult membership card from the centenary year. When it is eventually done hopefully in a couple of days I will post pics. I am so proud of it, I have never done one before and sm really pleased at how it has come out.
Didn't think to kep my membership badge from the centenary :(


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I've just gone through to work out what's what and have realised that my scrapbook runs to 60 pages. I knew it was going to be 2 volumes, but I didn't realise it was going to be that large. Just want to get on with it - now I know what I'm doing !

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I've not started yet. I've got several bag fulls of bits but thanks to the sad death of my computer the only photos I have are the ones I had uploaded to facebook.

I feel a couple of days of cutting and sticking coming on over christmas now I have some more inspiration :)