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Charnwood 2011


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I received an e-mail this morning saying that I've been assigned to the programme team for Charnwood 2011!!!

I'm so excited!!! Never been to such a large scale event before and I'm so chuffed to be part of it.

Such a long wait though - a year and 6 weeks!



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have fun - I know some of the planning team and although I've never been to one because I can never get time off work in August, our girls always have an amazing time!


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Does anyone know the best way to get to Charnwood? I notice the closest train station is Loughborough and there is also East Midlands Airport nearby but how would you get there from either - I presume there are buses?

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There is also a new railway station - East Midlands Parkway, as far as I know there are shuttle buses to East Midlands Airport. There are quite a few bus services from there in the direction of Loughborough.


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Scotch - I would have thought they will organise a shuttle for staff arriving. Most camps have a few people with big cars doing station runs!


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Hi I live there, pm me for any info I can give you. There is an airlink bus that comes direct from EMA, the camp is normally just outside the town not far. My daughter is hoping to go too(havent allowed her to go before)

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I really wanted to go, but my unit leader has decided not to take our unit, as not many of our girls wanted to go, or could afford to go. So she is going with another unit. My 2 daughters, who are also Guides in our unit, really wanted to go, but now can't, as our unit is not going, and there is no room in other unit for us.


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I'm sure Loughborough Scogui (the universities ssago unit) wouldn't mind ferrying some people to the site from the train stations if they didnt officially put anything on for staff, but I'm sure they will =)


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The Guide unit that I help out with are planning on going. They might be short of leaders as 3 out of the 5 of us will be at a stage where we are job hunting, so can't say for definite that we are coming until about a month before! Our leader wants us to confirm by December, but that isnt going to happen!


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Thanks for the info - looking into the cost of travelling, and wondering whether it would be cheaper (and easier!) to fly to East Midlands Airport rather than go by train.

Well, prices aren't that different really. If I fly from Aberdeen to EMA, they don't have flights on the days I want so would have to stay overnight both on the way there and the way back. At today's prices the flights cost £173.

If I go by train, there's 3 changes on the way down and 2 on the way back, going by current timetables, and it will cost £128.

Maybe the train will be more feasible, but it takes 9 hours!! And I'd rather go direct than having to humph my bags on and off all the trains. Something to think about I suppose!
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Forgot to add - I'm presuming that there will be more info nearer the time, but is there a certain time of day you have to arrive and leave?


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I am planning to go down on the train the day before and stay with my friend in Wolverhampton, and then get my friend to drive me to the camp site (hopefully - will ask her closer to the time!) and then the same on the way home!

Do you know what you are doing at Charnwood yet scotch?


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My unit are going:) 15 guides/rangers and 2 leaders signed up so far:) and I suspect I'll gain some more girls by the December deadline (I can't believe how early the deadline is!!!! WINGs last year we were still adding people onto our booking in April!!!) We're pairing up with a Leicstershire unit as well. looking forward to seeing you again Ang.


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I'm not sure whether I can/want to go to this anymore!!!!
Inter-net is the week before and probably my last chance to be a "participant" at a camp! Not sure I could cope with 2 weeks of camping.
It also means committing to 10 days off work, at a time which I think will be quite vital. I wont be joining the department I'll be in then till 3 weeks before the camps!


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Charnwood looks good!
I think Ill sign up to go....if anyone travelling a fair way needs a floor for a night, just let me know!
I might actually take you up on this offer, if that's ok! Was looking into flights/trains etc and it looks like I would probably have to kip somewhere overnight.


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ive got more leaders than girls at the moment!! but thats fine!!
anyone had any more info, we havn't registered yet but wondered if there was anything else floating round.