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Chill out evening - suggestions?


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As the weather has been so hot, too hot to do anything much, I want to do a chill out evening for my Guides this week. They've all just finished end of year exams and I want to just give them some time to relax. But there are a couple who are not interested in the hair/face mask pamper type activities. What can I do for them?
I've printed out some mindfulness colouring sheets that I know they'll enjoy.
Have told them I'll be providing drinks and ice cream. Suggested they bring their own pamper stuff if that's what they want.
I just don't want anyone to get bored.
Any ideas would be gratefully received


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What about some board games for them to play? Put some music on, do you have any leftover craft kits you could crack out if one of the girls want to do something like that?


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I think I have a few of those suncatcher keyring kits from Baker Ross left over from a camp and a few other bits too. That's a fab idea, thankyou.


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last week due to unforseen circumstances, we could not do what we had planned, so we simply let them go out onto the school field, play with their friends, sit and chat, play on the climbing frame and generally do 'not a lot'. This happens so rarely that they really enjoyed it.