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Chistmas Show G2G - Final Thread (possibly!)


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Just bumping this thread to see if anyone else iwants to join in a meet up in London on Saturday ... I think its going to be relaxed one, meet at CHQ (badges !!!!), then decide what/where we'd like to go/see based on who has done what already (!), have coffee, lunch etc.

So far I think it is: me, elfowl, possibly victoria +1, ? lizzieloubee


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Sorry all but not been well last night/today and unless I feel drastically better tomorrow then I can't see me being in London on Saturday :O(
Wouldn't want to hand on any bugs before xmas either.


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Better to be tucked up in the warm than out and about if you are not too well. Looks like it would be better to cancel. Can always try for next week if anyone is free (I think I am, but need to check). Otherwise, sometime next year for the next one.

hope you feel better soon cerys.