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Question? Coaches in Surrey


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I used Richardson Travel recently, but they are in Midhurst, West Sussex (I am close to the county border). Also got a quote from Farnham Coaches that was competitive with Richardson. Surrey is quite a big place though, so it does depend on what area you are looking at.


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when we had to book a coach I got quotes from companies local to us, AND local to our destination - the coach companies nearer to our destination were a lot cheaper because they were further out from the city.


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Depends where you are, but if you're near the London side of Surrey, Mitcham Belle are good, we use them for County Events in London South West.


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Thanks all, we used Harding's in the end and they were very good :) We were in a bit of a fix due to the train strike, which meant a last minute change of plan for transporting 24 Brownies to pack holiday! At short notice most companies were (understandably) booked up! Luckily for us, Harding's could fit us in! I can't say whether they were as cheap in price as others or not as we didn't have time for shopping around, but they were certainly reliable and helpful!

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