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Community Action - Diversity Topic?


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I'm stuck on my Community Action ideas. I was thinking of looking into diversity, perhaps within girlguiding, but am unsure how this would work. Is it OK to do your community action with Girlguiding or does it need to be a separate organisation? Also, do you have any suggestions on how Diversity could work as a community action topic (either within or outside of GG)? Or even anythings that you think are an issue that you would want addressed.



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have you discussed this with your mentor and/or Queen's Guide Adviser. That's probably the best place to start. You also need to consider whether doing something within Girlguiding for this clause is enough of a challenge for you.


The thing about these topics, is that they have to be things you will be enthused enough to want to work at, and put the time and effort into. And any community action project - should ideally have an identifiable result.

So doing it with Guiding might be accepted if you were working on a specific project or event which had a clear beginning, middle and a result or effect. What sort of diversity do you have in mind - there are lots of kinds, so which one(s) do you feel strongly about to want to find out more about them, and then try to make a difference?


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Agree with what's already been posted but wanted to add something.

I did about Guiding and access for those with more severe disabilities. I looked over resources, policy, training programmes and into guiding history. I even learnt about what the scouts do. I did several surveys involving parents, leaders etc and produced a resource for parents. So I would say that you can do a project and there are interesting areas. It helped that it was also an area that I already had interested in and had "insider" help/access.

I would suggest that you pick a more specific part of "diversity"-perhaps bring in a bit of intersectionality if you want lots of detail and are prepared for the extra work but choose a single main subject. The question to also ask yourself is what project could tie to it.
"Topical" subjects could include:

* refugees and guiding: are girls being made to feel welcome, how can we support them, joining a local unit v having a BGIFC equivalent, should there be an e module for leaders or local training, history of Guiding and refugees.
*(perhaps controversial and I wouldn't recommend if you are not confident with the subject and may be hard to research or do any primary research- ethical problems would be raised if this was academic research) guiding and non binary or transgender persons. What is guiding policy and how does it fare, do leaders feel comfortable on what terms are appropriate to use, what are AMAB leaders/members experiences (young members may not be appropriate) should Guiding allow non binary persons to hold the ALQ.

Then there are subjects like guiding and religion (does the incorrect perception that we are a single/faith based organisation put people off joining, especially if they are non Christian, experiences of members and faith, do members feel comfortable if they have a "visual" faith), Guiding and race, Guiding and immigration, Guiding and disability, Guiding and LGBTQ+…

I will warn you, if you choose to do surveys, be prepared that you may recive some very unguide like sentiments :(


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Thanks for the replies. I was thinking of focusing on Diversity in Volunteering. I could do research into local, national and international stats and do a survey to find out peoples perceptions of Guiding and the impact it has on recruiting volunteers. Then maybe do a practical by creating guidance for how we can increase diversity when recruiting volunteers locally within Guiding. Does this sound OK or should I focus in even more? I wouldn't be able to show an identifiable result this way though. I have tried sending a message to the QG Advisor but haven't had a reply.