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Community Action

So, i've got to the point where i need to start my community action project but i am stuck on what to go with!

My main interest was bullying as it happens everywhere and a friend committed suicide due to being bullied. I would like to help those who are being bullied so they don't feel like that is their way out and encourage those who are bullying others to stop because really there is no need for it!

However, i don't know if this is too much of a common idea and i'd like it to be original! Another interest was Homelessness - which could be difficult as you cant really interact with homeless people and bug them to answer questions or anything which would help peoples understanding?

Discrimination and the environment were two others I've looked at but its too hard to choose one to go with! I have worked with disadvantaged children who haven't had the opportunities that many of us did have as children and that was a big interest but I'm not sure where this wold fit in!

Many thanks for any help!!


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I'd go with something that you are passionate about and that you can realistically do with resources available (such as contacts, your own "spare time") etc. Your project will be original because it will be unique to you and your research!

You mentioned having experience with disadvantaged children, maybe topics like
*Guiding (or other charity's) and their impact on disadvantaged children's lives
*Evaluating what policy regimes such as the troubled families agenda has had on children
*How can Guiding do more for disadvantaged girls and young women, looking at things like the Switch scheme, guiding for girls in secure training centres and schools, grants for units in financially tough areas…

Equally bullying seems a subject close to you.

Perhaps try looking at some charity pages for the topics, they might help provide some inspiration?
Hopefully your advisor and your mentor should also be able to help you with picking a topic and project that suits you! :)