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Community support for new programme


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Hi all,

I thought it might be worth having a thread for all those questions people are asking along the lines of, "The card says the leader will teach this skill but I don't know how to do it myself."

Post your question here and I guarantee somebody will know how to do it, suggest how to teach it to girls AND will warn you of possible pitfalls along the way.

What shall we start with?


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know a few districts/divisions are considering special skillbuilder sessions for things that are a bit harder to do in some venues, so can share expertise from trefoil guild and older leaders for example with lots of girls from different sections


We've started using the programme this week, so happy to provide 'real life' insights to calm fears/apprehensions of those whose autumn term hasn't started yet.


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Fenris, how did you introduce it to your girls? Did the get it? And are they enthusiastic about it? Thank you!
This is what i'm wondering too - I find the 'ladders' game really boring sounding and confusing for the girls (I didn't really get it!)

I'm thinking of a series of 5 minute in length actvities on the different themes (Either in their sixes or as a group) and we can talk about the badges too (Try 5 mins talk/5 mins activity on the theme) and then mention the Brownie Gold at the end...


Fenris, how did you introduce it to your girls? Did the get it? And are they enthusiastic about it? Thank you!
I started them off on a Unit Meeting Activity - for the Brownies it was the super Brownie one, for the Guides is was making bowls.

Then when they were finished I explained that they had just done their first activity from the new programme. There were 6 themes, and they would be doing activities from each one. I told them which theme the activity they had just done had come from, and that they had already started on the new scheme. Then we gave the badge books out and challenged them to look through the books before next week, and bring them then. I also explained to the older ones that there is a transition scheme, so they will have a chance to do Gold Award too.

Next week we'll do a second longer UMA with each group, and we'll give them a choice of Skill Builder topics (not the full set, as some are better suited to summer term when we can be outside in daylight). Once they've chosen which topic they fancy, we'll schedule it in for the next 3 weeks. We've chosen a mix of UMAs for the rest of the half-term to mid-October, so it won't matter which they pick.

I decided against going too deep on what the six themes as I didn't think they needed to memorise them, just be aware of them in general.
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Our meeting room isn't big enough to play a "ladders" type game safely, so I am adapting it by writing all the words from the dice onto pieces of card, and then hiding them all over our meeting place for the girls to find. Once they have got them all (or most of them) I will put coloured oblongs, corresponding to the colours of the themes, with the words on, and in turn they put the word they have found where it should be. Obviously, there may be two or more "correct" answers for some words. That explains why the themes could be interlinked, too.

This is for the third meeting of term. The first is on the theme of friends. I picked an activity from a pack about bullying from the Centenary theme of Changing the World, only to discover it appears in a similar form as a skills builder activity.

The second week, we are getting "Back to basics", reminding the older girls what being a Brownie means, the Promise, Law, Good turn etc, and introducing it to the new ones, finishing with a Promise Ceremony for two girls.

After that, we are going to introduce a variety of skills builders and UMAs for each theme, before asking the girls which theme skills builder they would like to earn first, explaining why we will be keeping Have adventures until the spring. We vote by having a labelled pot for each choice, and the girls go with another leader to the table, and make their choice putting a large piece of pasta in the pot. With this, they will have two bits of pasta to put in separate pots. Doing it this way stops the older girls influencing the younger ones (and each other!), and the younger girls can vote for what they want. Then we have a ceremonial count up!