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As we all know, the Scouts are 5 years behind us when it comes to an online database, but they are now in the process of launching Compass, their equivalent of GO. As well as doing what GO does, it will track badges by recording attendance and the programme for each meeting (like Online Scout/Guide Manager), record trainings, and this bit I like:

Organising a Camp
Managing a camp or special event for your Group? You can complete and approve Nights Away forms online and invite young people, copying in their parents, using Compass online tools. Compass automatically updates the list of those attending so you can see who has confirmed at a glance.

It also says that shortly after its launch, parents will be able to pay fees and subs online.

I wonder if any of these are going to be in the new-improved GO?


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Yeah, it may well be much later, but it does sound better than GO doesn't it? However I do wonder how easy it will be to use, as the current Scout website is not very well organised.
Also it will only be as good as the people entering the data, if you don't enter it, it won't record it! Remembering how much difficulty people had with Join Us, I wonder if there may be some who just avoid using it?


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fingers crossed that it will, but always with the option of still using had copies for things. it will be a good few years before everyone has internet access, and a lot longer before everyone has free access at their meeting places.

I spend far longer now on Brownie admin online than I ever used to when it was just on paper


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Wonder how many parents will use the online facilities - we struggle getting ours to reply to emails let alone anything else! :)
Agree with Tawnyowl51 that stuff seems to take longer/be more time consuming now.
Hope it works well for Scouting and that we Guiding can adapt some of their ideas - I'm sure they have been watching and adapting ours :)


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I know our scouts already pay Subs by standing order to the group.
I guess there's no reason why our guides can't, it's just waiting for us to set it up. As a previous post said any system is only as good as those that use it.

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It does sound interesting, but I am wary of balancing the number of features - the more online things there are, the more difficulty is caused by and for those who can't access. Statistics show there is still a significant proportion of the population who don't have any internet/email access . . .


You can do all that camping admin already on Online Scout Manager and Online Guide Manager and pay subs - I find I use OGM, Go and Join Us
Just to say - we are not allowed to use OGM - a specific ruling from CHQ - apparently due to security issues.