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Cookafun - Brownies


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I just wondered whether any other Brownie units were doing the Cookafun challenge? We are, but I am trying to sort out how to run the pizza making competition as the oven in our meeting place is definitely not suitable for cooking lots of pizzas! How are other units planning on doing this?
Thanks :)


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We are doing ours on Pack holiday. So it is 1 pizza between 2 girls, so 24 girls = 12 pizzas. We are going in a relay, so only 6 in the oven at a time. And we have extra time to clear up and have a delayed start. Even then it is going to be tricky. We did consider doing it over 2 nights at the unit. It is quite tricky!


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I'm not sure what is involved in the Cookafun challenge, but we've done pitta bread pizzas on pack holiday before now. Each girl makes her own individual pizza and we put them on a sheet of foil directly on the oven shelves - have had around 20 in a normal sized oven before and works fine. Girls love it as they've made their own tea and we don't get any wastage as they choose exactly what they want as toppings!

May not fulfill what is required for the challenge but thought I'd mention it anyway just in case you've never tried them!


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Thanks to you all for your suggestions! Pitta breads are a great idea but the competition involves making the dough and sauce from scratch! I was going to split them over a couple of meetings but I think i have found a hall with 2 kitchens that we could use for a meeting so fingers crossed this will work!


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I've wondered about this too - it's supposed to be done from scratch and in pairs, so no way we could fit it into a meeting time!

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Parents take a picture and fill in a questionnaire.
Comment on texture/taste/colour/selection of toppings/overall thoughts.

If you do it out of 10 and then get questionnaires back the winner is the one with highest points.

You could also judge them before cooked/health and safety in the making stage and add those points together?


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It would be good if they could take them home to cook but part of the judging criteria is on taste! They would also be working in pairs. They definitely haven't made it easy for us! In theory it needs to be completed in 75 minutes so we should be able to fit it into an evening! I have attached the criteria if anyone is interested.:)