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Countdown to G2G7


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Think there is a HTML book on the pile that's been chucked out at work, will bring it for you. Feel free to ask questions. Don't do HTML much these days, as we programme in .net, but I have done loads in the past.


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I'm so stressed today!! Work is an absolute nightmare, so busy and loads of nonsense happening in the office, then to top it off my dog is unwell, I'll have to take him to the vet tonight instead of going to kickboxing training, and I was supposed to be giving my friend a lift there too.....will have to cancel that now. My hubby, in his infinite wisdom, just announced yesterday that he is working all weekend so I'm going to have to drop the dog off at my mum's after the vet so that means getting my dog's stuff organised, including writing the dog's schedule for my mum to let her know about his tablets etc.....and I have to get my own things organised for tomorrow, I'm leaving at 7am!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!!!!


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Unless there are any major holdups on the motorway (in which case a lot of us will be stuck in it since I'm not going that far) then I'll be there too.

And if there are any holdups hopefully I'll be able to find my way round them


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Well this has certainly come around quickly, hasn't it?! I haven't packed, or even washed the clothes I need to pack yet. That's the least of my worries though - we don't currently have a car to travel up in! Mine's in the garage and Tchai's has been in an accident. Cue an evening of scrounging-type 'phone calls! =S


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I'm feeling sorry for the people in my room! .. I feel like i've got a cold coming on so my snorings going to be bad :( ... Damn you sleep apena! (or however you spell it :( )

Apart from that i'm full of nervous excitement! xx