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Craft prices.


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Is Baker Ross the cheapest place?

We're doing a division event and we need to provide bits for it. I was going to make head dresses.

I've found visors, feathers and stick on gems/foam shapes.

Obviously I want it as cheap as possible. Is there anywhere cheaper? I've looked on eBay but everything is all the same colours, i thought it would be nicer to have a selection.

If this is the cheapest place, can anyone direct me to where I can find the GG discount code?


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Hi, Baker ross is good or crafty crocodiles are a bit more flexible with pack sizes. The Baker Ross discount code is your GG membership number.


Usually ebay is cheaper, bargain shops such as poundland can be for some things, catalogues like Fred Aldous and Opitec and shops like Hobbycraft vary, as do local independent craft shops. If you know someone involved in teaching they can sometimes access specialist catalogues like SSS.


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It may be worth keeping an eye on your local pound shops, home bargains etc as they occasionally will have packs of things you can use. Likewise ask about, someone may have stuff left over in their cupboard, loft etc from a previous event they would love to get rid of... I mean pass on to a new home...


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Another place to try is Hope Education. Although it's a school supplier, they accept orders from Guiding groups too. Their prices vary from cheap to expensive, but a couple of times a year they have amazing sales.


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Definitely shop around, even with the discount Baker Ross is often one of the most expensive places to buy from. :)


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Baker Ross is great when you want something really specific and kind of "pre-made" and ready to go. Since they mostly take kit form, and come with clear instructions. It requires minimal input etc It can be great for more complex stuff. You obviously pay more for that luxury.

As already said poundland / The Works / Home Bargains / The Range etc are best for when you can easily DIY it!


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for feathers buying a couple of feather dusters and attacking them can be a lot cheaper.
Or dismantling feather boas from pound shop or home bargains or cheap birthday card/ party shops! Beware though, they go ​everywhere!

Worth a quick nosy next time you're in your local Tesco/ Sainsbury/ Asda to see what they have in the way or crafty bits too.


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Cheaper way of doing it would be to get hold of strips of card and make them into headbands (school display boarder roll is best for it) kids can then decorate it with whatever your local cheap shops have :)