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That would be a fab... We can see what different designs we can learn.
I believe I still have my units old friendship bracelet instruction book somewhere - I will see if I can remember where I filed it and bring it along .... would give you lots of scope!!!!!! Also you can make them using a variety of guiding knots!!!!!!!
Tawny and I will bring henna for henna hand designs, badge blankets, friendship bracelet stuff for the sangam project and will happily run a geocaching session, especially if there are some in the area although I have not checked it out yet.


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I've never been geocaching! could be a good time to try it if a few are going to be doing it


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
If the weather is nice, I may try this geocaching lark. If the weather does not meet my standards, I will stay drinking coffee and sewing.


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
i aint a craft person but will bring my blanet and badges and wil be more than happy for ppl to sew my badges on for me!!


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Would anyone be interested in decorating a mug? I'm happy to provide the mugs and ceramic pens, and if there's room in Dolly's oven we can bake them there, or I can bring little instruction sheets and they can be baked at home (as they're pens not paints don't have to worry about drying time or the mess :) )


Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
Depends on the time sat avo my oven is potentially full til tea time

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Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
Wonder if it would be feasible to decorate them earlier in the day and then put them in the oven Sat evening after the meal?


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Any time to fit in with you Dolly, and like I said, if it causes you any stress I can print out little instruction sheets and send everyone home with their mugs - not a problem x