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Creating a 'page' on Facebook


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I am thinking of creating a page on Facebook for both of my units (one per unit). any suggestions - will link the page (if possible) to my Guiding personality on facebook to get questions/queries put through that account.

Will give out basic information to the wording effectively of:

1st anytown Rainbows, for girls aged between 5 and 7. Part of Girguiding UK. Contact XX for more information. Girls have fun doing various activities, including food activities (cake decorating), playing games, singing songs, attend local events in the community, amongst other activities.. Each term they earn at least one badge.

For the Brownies - similar wording except for unit name and ages of girls.

Another idea is instead of, or in addition to this make groups for them or an account with the name of the unit instead of a proper name.


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I've already got closed groups for the units - for past members of the units (and families) and also started one for the parents of current girls which is closed, secret. Thinking about the next move of using it as advertising for the units. Thank you for the link to the guidance - I will have another read of them. Certainly got no plans of putting on exact details of where and when we meet up and want to use my other account (Guiding persona) as the link between people finding the page and getting more information.


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