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Directing parents to join us


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Hello Ladies

I have had several phone calls over the last few weeks enquiring about Rainbows / Brownies but I am struggling to direct parents to the Join Us system so they can check out all the units available to them in our area (not just ours for which I can give them details) - we currently have waiting lists so want to try and direct them to other units if they dont want to wait for a place at our units.

I am having a doh! moment - is it just the main web address of Girl guiding or is there a specific one that will take them straight to Join us? Also is there a phone number for those without internet access?

Thank you in advance for your kind help ;)


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I tell them to go to the girlguiding/interested link too. It is fairly easy to remember and it redirects to a site with either girl or volunteer links.


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we've been told to give the www.girlguiding.org.uk/interested link out to parents or parents can call a freephone number 0800 1 69 59 01

if you are talking parents through using join us whilst they are on the phone, I get them to log onto the girlguiding website and then click on the parents tab and the "register your daughter" bit is right at the top of that page


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I got asked randomly whilst chatting in a shop at the weekend, and the woman I was chatting to coped perfectly well with "google girlguiding and click on the link about joining". She didn't bat an eyelid about having to do it online, just accepted that.


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Girlguiding.org.uk/joinus also works as well! That was the address I gave to a parent who asked about Rainbows for Brownies younger sister. Was much easier to give her the website address then to try and trail through the district list to find the name of the Rainbow unit leader she wanted (particularly as I was only about 60% sure which of the 5 Rainbow units 'squirrel' was leader of!