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Division Standard and Standard Service


We have a Division Standard and still hold a service every October where it is passed from one District to the next for safekeeping.

We are trying to found out more about the history of Division Standards and the traditions and protocols behind them and Standard Services.

Does anybody know more about this? Do lots of other Divisions still do this? Do you have any rules or traditions that you follow? It would be great to find out more!

Thank you :)


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A standard is a large and very heavy! heraldic flag. We have one for our division it is hand sewn and very intricate, it has various symbols on it including the trefoil that represent us as a division. There are rules about what you can and cannot put on a standard.


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Bucks have a banner service every year where all the District and Division banners are invited to parade. I believe we are unusual in having banners for Districts. I'm very proud when I get to carry ours because it is one of the oldest from the 1920's.


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We still have a Division Standard but we are the only division of the five in County to do so. I think ours dates from the mid to late 60's which was before the County re-organisation in our part of the world.

I've never come across a Standard service though, it's currently kept by the Division Commissioner and comes out at the County AGM and St George's Day Parade. It could come out at other events if appropriate.


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We have a County Standard as well as Division Standards. These are all quite heavy to carry and only seem to come out on special occassions such as a County or Division Church Service. Some Districts just have normal flags.

The Standards are classed as valuable and not many people ever get to see them


I suspect it's one of these things in which in some parts of the country custom has become tradition, and in other parts there is no such tradition. In my County each of the Divisions has a banner - our Division's one is one of the newest, we fundraised to get one because we didn't care for being one of the few not to have a banner at big joint events! TBH they are only brought out for things like the AGM, or occasionally for a Leader/ex Leader's funeral.

Also, many of the Division Banners in our County are very old and valuable, so we would be wary of having them passed around, with the risk of some people being less able to store them safely than others. If you were having it, then I'd be tempted to look at varying the ceremonial for the handover - it doesn't need to always be done in the same sort of place or the same sort of way.


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We had a new division standard when i was in senior section around 1998-2000. I got to carry it into church for its dedication. Ours lives in the mayors chamber on display and is taken out when we need it. Our old standard i think is in archives.


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We have a County Standard as well as Division Standards throughout the County.

Our Division Standard lives with the Division Commissioner and is never put up unless she's present. So if we have a Division AGM that she attends then it is put up, if she's at the County AGM it goes up, but never if she's not there.


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Standards, within guiding, were the brainchild of Miss Rachel Kay Beatrice Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe Hall near Burnley, and a great friend of the Baden-Powells.

Attach a couple of pictures from our Centenary exhibition which give a little information. I can supply much more if you really want it as I was involved in the creation of the exhibition.

If ever you get to see your draft plans for your division, check for notes in green ink and the initials RBKS ... this will show that Miss Rachel did handle it.

Miss Rachel was a big supporter of guiding and there were many camps and rallys held in the grounds of the house.