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Question? Division Standard


Hello! There is a suggestion that we ought to have a division standard/silk made, the full works - gold embroidery, a design that reflects our division, heraldic approval, etc - I'm meaning the big, full size version, that is, not the size that fits on your blanket! (Although they might come later....)

Has anyone been involved in getting a standard/silk designed, approved, made etc and can give us an idea of the costs involved?

We're thinking there's probably insurance and proper storage bag to consider too.

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First step is to contact CHQ and get the current guideline document on standards.

Speak to Pendle Division - they did one a few years ago (as Nelson Division), so there are some ladies locally who have gone through this, can probably give good advice and may well be able to come over and speak to you all one evening for a proper Q&A session on all this.
We're currently having a new Div Standard made, our old one was ancient and falling apart. I don't know about costs but do know that the design had to be approved by all sorts of people at varying levels of Guiding. The lady who's making ours is an ex-Guider, but we had thought of approaching the local quilting/sewing guild at one point.


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I've not been involved in these things and you may have been able to determine my opinion on flags from other threads, but I would just be really clear about why you want a standard. The work and money put into this will be considerable - is that the best use of everyone's effort?


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I helped with the design and sewing of our Division Standard. I do know there are restrictions on the design as to what needs to go where, so contacting CHQ is first.

A few of us got together to discuss what we wanted on the banner that reflected our area. I wanted a symbol of one of the local big families and we had to get permission to use that. I also got to sew that part of the banner. It was great fun as lots of people did little bits and then it was put together.

Pictures of my sewing and the dedication are on my LJ http://elenopa.livejournal.com/tag/banner


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When our Div standard was made, every member of the Div at the time did at least one stitch. I love that idea.

Ours has three things which represent the three parishes we cover, a Roman soldier because we live near a Roman road, and our County logo.


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We haven't had one made but I care for ours. You do need a decent bag, many Counties (and regions) use cricket bags rather than getting a 'special one' done.

Ours is also insured on my home insurance as a specified item. The value is the sticking point. How much it costs to produce originally is not necessarily the cost to replace on the basis that a lot of the labour involved is voluntary. If you have to pay to have produced at commercial rates the cost rises considerably.