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Dollys G2G bootcamp


Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
As you may know I'm quite into my bootcamps and boxing atm and just cos I'm at g2g I'm not neglecting the workout.

So I'll be doing 1 workout on sat and sun approx 45 mins - 1hour so if you wanna join in bring your gym kit!

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I might just for lols...
On a more serious note for my Gold DofE sport section I am planning on taking up running/general fitness training with the view of doing a half marathon at the end of the 12month period. I was thinking about who could sign off/advise on this bit, as the biggest fitness freak I know would you be willing to do that Dolly?
Will chat at the weekend!

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Count me in! (Of course, it's not like we haven't been talking about this for months!) :D

No pain, no gain! :D


Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
Def lette :) you can even join in with our madness of assault courses/running

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I'd be interested in joining in as well, especially as I'm missing dragon boat training and I'm racing in Bristol the following weekend!
Dolly - this may be an obvious question, but what sort of footwear should I bring for this?
I really don't want to also bring my gym trainers, as well as my normal (non muddy!) shoes, outdoor (muddy) shoes and shoes for the mystery activity.....


Rach or Dolly i'll answer to anything...
Just outdoor shoes that you can run in because it will be outside - the same shoes for the mystery activity

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Lol go hard or go home!
I didn't think people ACTUALLY said that ;)

Due to an injured back I probably shouldn't join in as it'll probably result in someone having to carry me around all weekend.... but am happy to blow a whistle/count push-ups/shout at people in a military fashion if that's needed?