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Durham City Badges


I'm a Guider in Durham City and started helping up here when I started university last year. I'm currently looking for Durham City county-type badges (the strips that you get on a roll) to go on my camp blanket, use as swaps and give to some Guiders back home in Hertfordshire. The North East standards seem to be quite easy to come by but I haven't seen anything like my Hertfordshire county badge around. Was wondering if anyone could help me out/point me in the right direction?

I think I've managed to attach a picture of my Hertfordshire badge so you guys can see what I mean.... WP_20141014_001.jpg WP_20141014_001.jpg

Thanks :)


Each English County has silks (elsewhere in the UK it's regional badges only) - your Commissioner should be able to advise on how to source locally. Traditionally it would be among the badges given to each new recruit, so should be readily available to Leaders.