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Element 2 ideas please.


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I have a guide who has additional help with her queens guide I need ideas for Element 2: Attend a residential guiding event and accept a responsibility that furthers your guiding experience. This element must be a personal challenge for you.

it cant be First aid. and I also think catering may be too much.

any other ideas would be great thank you


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If caterer is too much, assistant caterer might be an option? Or being in charge of all the craft activities or evening activities or similar. As long as the role is more or different than they've done before and a challenge for the individual, it doesn't necessarily have to be one of the core roles of event coordinator/ caterer/ 1st aider.


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I think the key is its a personal challenge rather than it needing to be a distinct role. So it might be as Lynz has suggested, or maybe taking responsibility for supervising the girls keeping the showers/toilets clean (when we camp patrols alternate jobs, and health means cleaning the toilet block!), being in charge of crafts, running the campfire etc. Think about what would be most achievable and fits with your camp event.

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