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Idea! EXPLOR-ation?


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I have almost finished my QG - finally! I only need to do the exploration and have finally narrowed down my idea, I am planning to camp for three nights just outside Aberdeen, it will be pirate themed and we will do things like treasure hunts, crazy golf at the pirate island crazy golf park. My one problem is finding something to 'explore' any ideas which might link with my theme would be MUCH appreciated.

There is a crime and punishment trail for aberdeen, going to important historical places, like where they used to do the executions and keep prisoners. you could maybe include that as it is a bit grisly!


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I've never been to aberdeen but it's on the coast - I know it has a major port so does it have any naval history you can explore? your 'aim' could be to look into its use as a port past, present & future?

also may there be some incidences of pirate activity in the past? I know everyone thinks of british pirates as being only Devon & Cornwall but there were a lot in the north Kent area too, so may have been something further north!