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Idea! Exploration in Nottingham


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Here's my idea:

For my QGs I would like to do an explorartion about Robin Hood in the Nottingham area!

So now here's where I would like some help. Is there enough to do on this topic for 4 days? If so what?

I have some ideas, a visit to Sherwood Forest, Nottingham castle, etc.

I wanted to check it was a feasable idea before I tried to get some friends to join me!



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The Castle is quite interesting. :) There's a ghost walk you can do too which I'm sure included a mention of Robin Hood at some point!!!
There's the Robin Hood Experience as well. Only ever been there when it was closed to interview 'Robin Hood' for a report (I did Broadcast Journalism at Trent Uni) but I'm told it's not bad. You'd have to go and see the major oak tree as well. Maybe a trip to Derby for the day as didn't they try and claim Robin was theirs?

Some places on Nottingham's website: BBC - Nottingham - Robin Hood - Virtual tour of Robin Hood's county


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I'm from Nottingham woo!

There is loads to do, - the Castle, Caves of Nottingham, Galleries of Justice, Major Oak (Which has a visitor centre out there), shopping, good food, ect.

If you want any help at all let me know, also if you want to rent a tour guide I'm quite cheap :)


there is a youth hostle at Edwinstow just 10 mins walk from major oak its on edge of village at edge of sherwood our guides stopped there a couple of yrs ago it was good but has just re opened after refurbishment so should be even better


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Jim suggested the Youth Hostel at Edwinstowe- There's pleanty to do near there too! A farm park (Which I adoreeeee!) a maze, and pleanty other things nearby (including centre parcs! :L)
Can I comeee?!