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Idea! Exploration

Hi, I am new to this forum. I am now over half way through my Queens guide and like most other's the thing that seems to be holding me back is my camp licence. I should have completed this by end of September though so fingers crossed. I am planning my exploration for next July, but am really interested in the idea of going ghost hunting or exploring supposedly haunted locations. None of my friends or guiding people seem to be too into this idea however so was wondering if anyone would be interested in this theme as it would be nce to have someone who is similar in interests. Obviously I need to start fundraising soon so am trying to get people first. I am in the midlands area in Staffordshire so it would be a lot easier if we were sort of close in terms of planning. I have a rough idea of going down to Gloucester and have places like Woodchester Mansion and the Ancient Ram inn. Would anyone be interested??