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Favour - please can someone print some things off for me?


Brownie Guider
Please would someone be able to print a few copies of knitting patterns off for me?
These are really easy to make. so if people are learning to knit they may even have something to take home at the end of the weekend!
I'll bring the stuffing....

They can obviously be printed double sided and two pages to a sheet...


Veteran (100+ posts)
really sorry, i dont have a printer, my AG is my saviour and prints everything for me and guides. Works amazingly but now i need to print some stuff for her hen do and cant ask her to do it!! oh no


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
If you email it to me and if I can sneak it through the work printer ... then yes, pm me for my email addy - but do me a favour and give them cryptic work related titles, use these for starters:

A&A draft policy
Aban Car process
Gen No Access

if there are more - give them version 2, version 3 at the end.


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
I am glad to report this is "sorted" :)

Oh dear and the a+a pdf fell out of the hi-grade colour laser into the bargain :) :) :)


Veteran (100+ posts)
Ooo, I'm not coming to G2G, but I learnt to knit just before christmas. Could you email me a copy please Katie?

Have fun at the weekend!



Brownie Guider
Clara- if you want to pm me your email address i'll send them over!
You know - I may regret doing that because it's the pattern for the knitted thing i sent you....