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Finding In4mers to come to our guides?


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Silly question, but how do I find out if there are any In4mers in our area and if they'd be able to come to our guides?

I tried to do 'Together we can' with our girls but they weren't interested and I don't have the skills to get them interested. I am hoping In4mers might be able to help...

Is your unit based in the Edinburgh area (going by your location on your profile!)? If so, there are a lot of Edinburgh based in4mers (or known now as Peer Educators!!) and if no one is available I am also not far from that area too. If you want, you can PM me a contact email and I can post in the Scottish In4mers facebook group for someone who is in the area of your unit?


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Hi. Yes I am. I tried googling but nothing came up. How is it supposed to work about getting in touch? I can pm you my email if you could ask any on the fb group to contact me?


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Also see if you have a county in4mer/ peer education coordinator in your county, or get in touch with the county senior section coordinator/ adviser if you're not sure and ask them. A lot of counties have a local 'booking form' and pass on requests for sessions to any in4mers (now officially Peer Educators) local to that area.


That would be useful as there has been very little publicity for in4mers in the area (I haven't seen any at all) so I suspect a lot of leaders don't know they exist/don't know what they are for.


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As far as I'm aware there aren't any in our area. I think I only found out about then through here. Pretty sure there isn't a co-ordinator here either.