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Question? First time I'm taking girls camping


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Hello all,

I have been running a Brownie group for a few years on my own and this year I am braving taking 5 girls to Waddow on one of their organised camps, having no licence of my own. This will be the first time that some of them will have ever been away from home overnight, but they are really looking forward to it luckily.

What I'd like to know is what sort of activities could I do in the meeting place to help prepare them for the weekend? I am just planning next terms activities and my mind is drawing a bit of a blank where this is concerned!

Thanks for all suggestions x


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Could you borrow a tent and get them to have a go at putting it up?

Showing them how to make bed rolls and how to pack a rucksack so that they will be able to find at least some of their stuff lol


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I agree, the important skills that they (and their parents) need to learn is how to prepare the kit and how to look after it. So bedding rolls, how and why you need them. Packing bags, what to wear, layers etc..

These can all be made into games, contests between sixes etc.

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How will you be cooking - games/activities on what you can/can't have at camp if you need to prepare and cook it yourself. (Though some will say there is no limit with a bit of ingenuity!!) Then find out their likes and dislikes.


One thing I would suggest - ask them to bring in their waterproof gear one week, so you can check they have a waterproof jacket with hood, waterproof trousers, and a pair of wellingtons - that fit! You can get them in the habit of wearing the waterproof trousers outside the wellingtons, and can always have fun timing them to see how quickly they can get changed into wellingtons, waterproof trousers and fastened jacket with hood up . . .

Are you taking your own dishes - if so, then a session of marking the dishes and cutlery on the underside using nail varnish or enamel paint is well worthwhile. If you do it at the start of the meeting and leave it to dry, the paint will be dry by home time.

How to make and look after a camp bed is also valuable - laying out the sleeping mat if you are using one, putting the first blanket so half is under where the sleeping bag will be and half bundled up at the left, then the second blanket on top and bundled at the right, then place sleeping bag and wrap from either side (fastening with nappy pins or kilt pins if you wish) so there is a double layer of blanket both above and below. If the girls can practice bedmaking in pairs, they will get used to doing it in pairs each day at camp.

'What not to bring' games are also valuable - you can use pictures stuck on cardboard, or real objects, for them to choose from in deciding what they should take and what should stay at home. You would include practical clothes like trainers, sweatshirts, thick socks, jackets, gloves, wellingtons - but also less sensible options like new white jeans, strappy sandals, designer tops. Possessions like torch, mobile phone, jewellery, purse, toy. It all helps to give them an idea to run alongside the kit list.


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Thank you for your help, you've also opened up some questions that I need to ask Waddow! I can get planning at least a couple of meetings now, thanks


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I'm taking my Brownies to some Waddow camps too. Which are you going on?

I've asked the office for information and a kit list but got told to be patient and understand these things take time to organise - meanwhile I have parents thinking I'm useless for not telling them what they need to know. Anyway, grumble aside, this is a first for me so it would be great to know beforehand there'll be someone there I (well not exactly) 'know'.

If we're on the same camp it would be good to meet up.



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I'm going to the stargazer camp with my Brownies in a couple of weeks time - you should have kit lists by now. They always leave this info until a month before you go. I normally give my parents an idea of what they need and then confirm later. Tell your parents they need good waterproofs. If you are in the tented village apparently the toilets are a 5min uphill walk away and drink etc are delivered to the top of the hill so lots of uphill walking!
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