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Five Essentials and the Look Wider Programme


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I am just doing my Senior Section ALQ and I have to state how I have included the Five Essentials into my unit meeting? Do these apply for Senior Section side by side with doing Octants? If so, how for example how do you cover healthy lifestyle, global awareness, skills and relationships, celebrating diversity and discover all on for example on the Octant Creativity? Thanks.


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The 5 you've mentioned are not the 5 essentials (are they the 5 Guide-section zones or something?)

The 5 essentials are:
G - groups (working in small groups)
U - universal standard (shared commitment to a common standard - ie the Promise & Laws)
I - individual (care for the individual)
D - decision making (as individuals & groups)
E - equilibrium (balanced & varied programme)


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Those things you have listed aren't the 5 essentials. The 5 essentials are listed in the ALQ book (or the download for existing leaders). They are:
Working together in small groups
Encouraging self-governement and decision-making
A balanced a varied programme
Caring for the individual
Sharing a commitment to a common standard

So for the first one, you would show that by either splitting into smaller groups (if you have a big enough unit), or just working in a small group (if you only have a few girls). Even if you only have 4 girls, you could show where they have worked in pairs.
Number 2 can be shown by them helping to plan the programme. Senior Section girls should be do the majority of meetings themselves, but it will vary depending on the girls you have and their experience of doing that.
Number 3 would be shown by doing a variety of different things in your programme. As long as you don't have all craft in the term, or all cooking, for example, then you will be doing this.
Number 4, I am not sure about that one!
Number 5 is doing things related to the promise. We struggle with that one at the moment - we need to put more of a Guiding feel into our meetings!


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Care for individual - they are able to choose what they want for doing an octant, not expecting the same standard, but the best they can do, one may also want to be a YL & do the leadership etc.
Commitment to a common standard is getting the girls to make the promise, help in the community, run promise activities for a younger section etc