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Flag stand?


Brown Owl (Brownie Leader)
We need a stand for our Brownie flag. WE took part in the Remembrance Service last year and our poor Brownie flag spent the entire service slipping down and being proped back up by the Minister!

What do you all use for a stand for your flasgs>



Veteran (100+ posts)
I used to have a metal seesaw that finally gave up the ghost - the base is now part of guide equipment and is used for the flag - also its blue.


Within our guide hall, we have an old traffic cone which was painted and decorated. Outside of that, it tends to be something sourced or handmade. Since a Brownie flag is lightweight, a spare 'castor cup', (plastic dish designed to prevent castors on furniture damaging wood floors) might work well and be handy to use, especially if you glued a piece of rubber on the bottom.


The Wicked Witch of the West (15,000+ posts)
you can get metal stands that you can put summer umbrellas up in? could one of them be adapted (only they may only be available to purchase during the summer months)

also have seen metal stands that you can put real christmas trees up in? they might work???


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We asked about an a retiered joiner made us one it's perfect he took 2 pieces of wood and overlaid the to an X shape and drilled a hole in the middle it is perfect we can use it in the hall or it's light enough to take to church on Sunday our flag was standing proud while everyone elses rested on the wall.